ROUTE 30, TOO! - Behind the Scenes Videos

September 8th, 2012. The weather was great for premiering a movie in Pennsylvania, and the RT30 Collective showed up in full force to attend the screening at the Capitol Theater in Chambersburg. Here's a little compilation of what went down.
Cowgill returns to play Tork in part 2. Between shooting, he kept us entertained. This video is typical of a Cowgill shoot day.

When Kevin Kutchaver isn't playing his heavy metal guitar, he is usually sitting at a computer making VFX magic. Back for more hijinx in Route 30, Too!, KK delivers the visual effects goods once again.

When Dan Poole is not playing Stickle in the Route 30 movies, he makes independent films of his own. WonderCon Anaheim 2012 has DP pimping his new superhero movie The Photon Effect.

Take Pam Putch's head, add it to a floating puppet, composite onto shots of Pond Bank road and you end up with the White Woman (Lady). Here's a snapshot of the behind the scenes process of this special effect, with Pam and Puppeteer Kurt Carley.

Back for part 2 in the trilogy, Ace Baker creates yet another fantastic score for Route 30, Too! Some shenanigans at his studio in Sherman Oaks, CA.
Although he plays Chicky in Route 30, Too!, he also was born into boomswinging. Nicknamed Appleboom, Noah sometimes lofted the pole for the good of the movie.
Mike Vartholomatos auditions for the part of Chicky & the Screen Actors Guild paperwork is highlighted

Chambersburg's own Molly Lahr. She plays Margie in Route 30, Too! She lives in Oregon now with her hubby and a bunch of kids.

Cast spotlight on the great Wilbur Dean Love. Wilbur plays Jackie Flat, a gay choreographer from Bawlmer, MD. Wil has been an actor for over 50 years and has played thousands of roles. In the first Route 30 film, he played a Christian Scientist who helps Arden heal his back pain and explain the big foot that chased him down the mountain.

Sit in on an ADR session with Patrick Giraudi.

A comprehensive look at the events leading up to the shoot.
An intense and sometimes long winded look at the making of this film. Good stuff. DVD bonus material, natch.
Take a look at the Music & Visual Effects production of Route 30, Too!