EPISODE #1 - Welcome

Shot entirely on location in South Central Pennsylvania, episode 1 of the ROUTE 30 movie podcast explains the origins of the film and what to expect from future episodes. This series affords a bird’s eye view into the production and all the fun we had making this film. Thanks for watching! www.putchfilms.com


EPISODE #3 - White Elephant

Nathalie Boltt plays Mandy. She’s from South Africa and met filmmaker John Putch on the mini-series Poseidon Adventure. Nat had never been to the states before making this film and took no time at all to acclimate to the rigors of production on Route 30. Drinking whiskey and eating hoagies became 2nd nature by the time her tour of duty was complete. www.nathalieboltt.com


EPISODE #5 - Sounds Like Dvaught

Darrell Vaught aka: Dvaught is not in the movie business, yet he took 2 weeks of his vacation time and handled the jobs of actor, boomswinger and then sound mixer until Chip Bolcik showed up. Dvaught’s tireless devotion to Route 30 will be permanently bronzed and put on display outside the Jennie Wade house right next to her statue for all of Gettisburg to see. Hon. Enjoy Dvaught’s episode

EPISODE #7 - Boy!  It's Rotten Egg

When LEE WILKOF isn’t shining his Tony Nominations, he’s acting in John Putch’s movies. Lee plays the hysterical Rotten Egg in Route 30. His performance was so indelible that boomswinger Dvaught still quotes his lines to this day. Aside from bringing on the character, Lee also brought a great porkpie hat too!


EPISODE #9 - Naughty Nurse Christine

After her tour de force lesbionic performance in Mojave Phone Booth, Christine Elise McCarthy heads for the backwoods of Pennsylvania to play rambunctious June who thinks 'outside of her box' to create a husband/wife porn site to strike it rich. CEM provided her own naughty nurse cock-whore outfit, which co-star Curtis Armstrong and the entire crew appreciated.  www.bathingandthesinglegirl.com


EPISODE #11 - Of Plaques & Droughts

Coccinellidae is a family of beetles, known variously as ladybugs. People consider seeing them or having them land on one's body to be a sign of good luck to come. All they did was stink up the Gstaff, then die. Although droughts can persist for several years, even a short, intense drought can cause significant damage. The most damage incurred while shooting Route 30 was having to rise early and shower at the Totem Pole dressing rooms. Crider’s Water Service to the rescue.

EPISODE #13 - Eyeball & Hat Acting

KEVIN RAHM responds to the Cowgill allegations in Episode 6 (Throwing Things) and shares with us how he prepared for the role of Arden.


FOX 43 News at 10

Denise DiNunzio reports from the set of ROUTE 30. Is that a sasquatch behind her?


Back To The Woods

CURTIS ARMSTRONG returned to Fayetteville to play Ned in Route 30. A place he has not been in over 15 years. He was both alarmed and delighted that the house he stayed in as a Totem Poler was trapped in time. Even more fun was that the Lodge also played as his character’s home.


Andy From Waynesboro

ANDY GEHMAN is from Waynesboro, PA and signed on as Production Assistant. His job ranged from camera assistant, boom, actor pickups and anything else we could think of. Since Route 30, Andy and his brother Mike have purchased an HVX200 P2 camera and are heading west to settle in San Francisco. Good luck, Andy! South central Pennsylvania will never be the same.


EPISODE #21 - Effect This!

Visual Effects wizard KEVIN KUTCHAVER talks us through the hundreds of effects shots that madman director John Putch demanded for the film. As of this posting, KK and JP are still talking....mostly about computers and cool mac stuff. Route what? Kevin’s Website: www.himaniproductions.com/


EPISODE #23 - Aces and Eighty-Eights

ACE BAKER composes and performs yet another brilliant score for director JOHN PUTCH. He really outdoes himself this time. The score ran the gamut from americana piano, backwoods jaw harp and dobro to spiffy ragtime. Watch Ace in some funny old footage from a hair band called Mother’s Finest that he rocked out in back in the 80’s. Contact Ace to write music for your film or TV project whenever possible. www.acebaker.com

EPISODE #25 - Edenville Quarry

A local swimming hole and adolescent landmark for every young person in the Chambersburg area, the EDENVILLE QUARRY was one of the great locations used for ROUTE 30. Special thanks goes out to CAROL & BARRY HAMILTON and SHELDA TIMMONS and family for graciously allowing the production to shoot scenes there. Check it out.


Mim's Hoagies

When shooting a movie in Fayetteville, PA, make sure to stop off at MIM’S HOAGIES for a tasty sandwich and some Gibble’s potato chips. Steve and his mom Pat Gilbert fed us often while shooting Route 30. They even provided some pizza boxes to use in the film. Thanks MIM’S!

EPISODE #29 - Stony Brook FF

Say hello to ALAN INKLES and his wonderful Stony Brook Film Festival. The best damn FF you’ll ever show your movie at. Alan hosted ROUTE 30 in July for its world premiere. 1000 folks saw the movie. Good times. www.stonybrookfilmfestival.com

EPISODE #30 - Legends Of Totem Pole

We shot a lot of ROUTE 30 at this summer theater nestled in the mountains of south central PA. Let's have a little history lesson shall we? Paul Mills Holmes has been working at the theater steadily since 1971. Find out how good his is with facts in this new episode. www.totempoleplayhouse.org


EPISODE #32 - Gettysburg Premiere

EPISODE 32 - GETTYSBURG PREMIERE The long anticipated local premiere of ROUTE 30 occurred September 27, 2008 in Gettysburg, PA. Over 800 attended the action packed evening and even a few were turned away. After the film the cast and crew participated in a spirited Q&A session complete with door prizes. The good will tour kicks off with this episode. Enjoy!


EPISODE #34 - Bigfoot Bonnie

Meet Costume Designer Bonnie Stauch. She’s got a Master’s degree in design from Geo Washington University. Why on earth does she keep designing micro budget movies for her long time director John Putch? Watch her podcast episode and find out. You’ll also find out whether she prefers curtains or mini-blinds.  www.bonniestauch.com


Mister Ed Goes To Hollywood

When Mister Ed came to town for the Palm Springs Film Festival, he stopped off in Hollywood for a private backlot tour of Universal Studios. Hosted by RT30 crew member Pam Putch, Ed was treated to the backlot tour, VIP tickets to The Tonght Show with Jay Leno and an honorary Beer30. Come visit us again, ED!


EPISODE #38 - Home Town Premiere

42 film festivals and 16 awards later, the RT30 traveling show finally touched down in film maker JOHN PUTCH’S home town of Chambersburg, PA. The 2 sold-out shows were only bettered by the ecstatic reaction the town had for the film. Mayor Pete Lagiovane was on hand to help wrangle the event. The Route 30 movie gang really is glad that the final big show was in the burg where the majority of the movie was shot. This is podcast number 38, and will be the last one. Keep an eye on the website for information about the 2nd and 3rd film in the Route 30 trilogy. Thanks for watching and see you on the next one!


EPISODE #40 - Home Coming

On July 6th, 2010 ROUTE 30 finally came home to Totem Pole Playhouse. The sold out crowd enjoyed the screening and lively Q&A afterward. The screening was such a success for the theater, that another showing was booked for August 3rd. Sure was fun....hon! This is for sure the last Route 30 movie podcast. But on the bright side, the sequel will have its own set of podcasts also. Watch for it on www.Route30Too.com.


EPISODE #2 - Chip Bolcik Sound

Radio and TV voiceover artist CHIP BOLCIK came all the way back to PA from California to lend a hand in making RT30. Originally from Gaithersburg, MD, Chip apprenticed and then became an acting company member at the Totem Pole Playhouse way way way back in 1979-1982. Portions of the film take place at the TP. Thanks for watching! For more info on Chip and his alternative lives, visit: www.chipbolcik.com

EPISODE #4 - Acting Amish

We love Dana Delany! She plays Amish Martha. A depressed old maid who smokes, drinks, swears and longs to shave her legs again. While in Chambersburg shooting Route 30, DD enjoyed trips to Mister Ed’s Candy outlet and Elephant museum and nights out on the town with the cast/crew at the Cottage. Her favorite menu items included the peel and eat shrimp and original wings.


EPISODE #6 - Throwing Things

Dave Cowgill aka “Bill Dickman” hasn’t worked with Kevin Rham & John Putch since 1997 when they were actors on a river rafting movie called “Same River Twice.” This episode studies the Cowgill mystique and his penchant for throwing things that are round and cylindrical.


EPISODE #8 - Return of Fusting

Alicia Fusting signed on to Route 30 as a production assistant. She soon found herself shooting BTS, coordinating cocktail parties and then acting her guts out as Golfer Gal, perhaps the most difficult role she has ever assayed. When asked where the good golf courses are in the area, she responded: 'There's golf around here, hon?"  www.aliciafusting.com


EPISODE #10 - Mister Ed Mystique

Route 30 icon and businessman, ED GOTWALT plays local icon and businessman Mister Ed in John Putch’s Route 30. Back in 1974 Ed appeared on stage at Totem Pole Playhouse when artistic director Bill Putch cast him in ‘January Thaw’. 34 years later, Bill’s son John cast Mister Ed in his indie film that was shot locally along the Lincoln Highway. Ed allowed the production to film at his world famous elephant museum at 6019 Chambersburg Rd., Orrtanna, PA 17353 and treated the cast and crew to numerous dinner parties throughout the shoot. All hail Mister Ed, all hail the elephant museum! For more info, visit. www.mistereds.com

EPISODE #12 - Most Valuable Mike

Mike Vartholomatos aka: Mike VP worked tirelessly on the crew of Route 30. He enjoyed the steaks at the Bistro, the yings and wings at the cottage, but mostly he favored the meat lovers pizza from Taoramina’s. We’ve got a place reserved at the table for the sequel. See him in action in his very own podcast episode.


EPISODE #14 - Special Edition

Bigfoot spotted on south mountain! To find out more, play this episode.


Humming & Strumming Bob

Sing along with cast member BOB ROMANUS of Poppa’s Kitchen as he explains the use of one of his songs in Route 30. Bob and song writing partner Steve Feldman’s music can be found at: www.poppaskitchen.com www.robertromanus.com

Dan Poole from Bawlmer

DAN POOLE hails from Baltimore, MD where he enjoys hard-shell crab with Old Bay seasoning. DP is currently in post production on his first indie feature titled “The Photon Effect.” Find out why Dan was cast as Golfer Guy in Route 30 right here, hon! For more info about Dan Poole and his movies, visit: www.danpoole.net


The Camera Eye

KEITH J. DUGGAN, known to many as ‘Digital Duggan’ has shot 3 movies with John Putch. The multi-award winning Bachelorman & Mojave Phone Booth. When KJD took to the woods to lens Route 30, he was reunited with many cast and crew members from those previous adventures. Check out Keith’s website sometime to learn more about the myth behind the man. www.thecameraeye.com www.keithjduggan.com


EPISODE #22 - A Mighty Kate

Faster than a speeding Coors light silver bullet. Able to stay awake during shooting. Downing buckets of wings and gallons of Yings. KATE MURPHY was so valuable to Route 30 that she became known as Mighty Kate, the über crew member. See her in action right here! Seriously....Kate rocks! ‘yeah man’ - KM


EPISODE #24 - Patrick's Virtual Mix

Sound design genius Patrick Giraudi unleashes his talents on ROUTE 30, his 3rd collaboration with filmmaker JOHN PUTCH. Enjoy getting to know the ever congenial Patrick, then hire him to do sound design/mixing on all your films. www.virtualmix.com


EPISODE #26 - The Mazz

LARRY MAZZEO of Matchframe Video fame has provided post production film services for JOHN PUTCH and his rebel films since 1997. Find out about Larry’s previous life as a child star right here. Thanks for everything, Mazz! www.matchframevideo.com


Gentlemen Artists of Caledonia

Carl Schurr and Wil Love have been helming the ship at Totem Pole Playhouse since the late Bill Putch left the post in 1983. Hundreds of plays, thousands of happy audiences and now playing roles in ROUTE 30. What more could anyone want? Find out more by watching their podcast. And stay tuned, this story will continue.


EPISODE #31 - The Cottage Pub

While shooting your independent movie in PA, be sure to patronize the finest pub in the keystone state. Where pitchers of Yuengling flow freely next to giant bucks of hot-wings. The Cottage Pub in Chambersburg, PA. The official commissary of the ROUTE 30 movie. www.cottagepubandrestaurant.com


EPISODE #33 - York Premiere

South Central Pennsylvania can't get enough of ROUTE 30, so we took the goodwill tour to Historic York, PA. On hand for the premiere at the Strand-Capitol Theater were: John Putch, Mister Ed, Alicia Fusting, Dan Poole, Carl Schurr and Wil Love.


EPISODE #35 - Devinshire Pudding

Devin DiLibero is not a sound man. But that did not stop him from coming all the way to Pennsylvania to be just that on Route 30. When Devin was not listening to the hilarious dialog on his headphones, he was drinking Yeungling and polishing off plates of wings at the Cottage in Chambersburg. Thanks DevD for being a part of Route 30!


Palm Springs, Hon!

A trip to the desert for the 2009 Palm Springs Film Festival yielded the RT30 golf smack down and 2 fine sold out screenings. It also continues the Mister Ed odyssey through southern California. Enjoy this one...it may be the last before the DVD comes out.

EPISODE #39 - Mister Ed's En Fuego!

On Monday, July 5th, 2010, Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum and Candy Outlet was struck by fire! Don’t worry, he had insurance. In true Mister Ed fashion, he appeared at the Totem Pole for Q&A after the encore screening of Route 30. This podcast was created to mark the event in the Route 30 historical timeline. Because when you think Mister Ed, you can’t help but think Route 30.  www.mistereds.com